Bluetrait (Program)
                IBM N2200 8363

Sun, 21 Jun 2009 3:11 PM

Bluetrait 2.1 Details

Michael Dale

With the work I've been doing with the Sydney Business Exchange website, I've decided that all my PHP applications need to be able to talk easily with each other over the internet.

So I have been working on a new Client/Server SOAP system to allow this.

The first program to include this will be Bluetrait 2.1.

The ultimate goal (with Bluetrait anyway) is to be able to push users/posts etc to client sites. The client sites will also be able to push information back to the Server, such as events from the event viewer.

I've decided on using SOAP as I have used it before with a .NET mobile application and it seems to work well.

For the SOAP class I will be using NuSOAP, but it is possible that I could use the built in PHP5 class (although then you need to make sure the extension is installed).



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