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Sat, 27 Apr 2013 12:11 AM

New Server

Michael Dale

We're about to replace (or add not sure yet) a server in the data centre.

The previous servers are 1RU ASUS Quad Xeons with 16GB Ram (photo). They were okay for the price but pretty cheap machines.

The new one is a Dell *shock*

  • Dell R420 (still 1RU)
  • Dual PSU
  • 32GB Ram (supports up to 384GB, yeah my old computer had 384MB of ram)
  • 2x Hex Core Xeon with HT (so 24 logical cores). 15MB of L3 cache on each chip!
  • Space for 8 2.5" HDDs.
  • H710P 1GB Raid Controller (will be using Raid 10).
  • iDrac 7 Enterprise (this is pretty cool compared to the very basic system in the ASUS).

Just doing some final testing and waiting for Debian 7 before I install it. This plus the new subnets should make the setup pretty sweet.



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