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Sat, 29 Dec 2018 5:42 PM

Victron MPPT BlueSolar 75/15 Over Temperature

Michael Dale

I have a small solar setup in the shed outside to power some lighting and a couple of raspberry pi's.

Normally if I go into the shed during the day and start using power the Victron solar charge controller will automatically feed power in to cover the load (where possible). I noticed today that it wasn't.

I did a bit of googling and connected the controller to my laptop and couldn't find any issues. The load output was still working but no power was being taken in from the solar panels. The lights on the controller still seemed to indicate that it was trying to charge.

I have an amp meter on the solar side so I knew there was no power going in.

So I disconnected the panels and battery to restart the controller and it just starting working again. I assumed that it crashed or something (which was disappointing as I really like it and want another).

After I left it to top up the battery I tried again and noticed the same issue.

Looking at the shed temperature I found it was just hitting 40c when the issue occurred.

This time I didn't reboot the controller and left it.

This afternoon once the temp dropped below 40c the charge controller automatically kicked in again without any intervention on my part.

So good news it seems that the controller didn't crash but simply limits the charging if above 40c. I'm happy with that and now know for future.